Felt QX70 Review

I had been in the market for a versatile bike for quite a while and was unable to find much that truly suited my needs until I stumbled across the Felt QX70.It really is a great all rounder with a very low price tag for the quality and spec that you are getting.  Here is […]

How to cycle to work – and not look ridiculous

1. Avoid Lycra at all costs Whatever patter they give you at the bike shop about ‘performance fabrics’ or the amazing comfort difference that you’ll notice – don’t believe it. If you were Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton, the use of a Lycra bodysuit might just shave precious seconds from your PB. But I […]

Cycling safety statistics

At RideIn we are keen that cyclists are aware of the dangers and take all the proper safety precautions before heading out on the road. But there is also a lot of scaremongering putting the dangers of cycling out of perspective and crucially deterring people from getting on their bikes like we reported here in […]

Mongoose Crossway 100 Review

[CSSBUTTON target=”http://tidd.ly/d77575b7″ color=”003399″ float=”left”]Check the Latest Deals For Mongoose Crossway 100[/CSSBUTTON] If you’re making the step up from a £100 mountain bike, you will really notice the difference in acceleration and handling with a bike like the Mongoose Crossway 100. Its 7 gears are plenty to take on any hills on your ride to work […]

Specialized Expedition Sport 2012 Review

The Specialized Expedition Sport 2012 has now been discontinued. Its only available within the US. This is really the sit-up-and-beg bicycle for the 21st century. It’s got a really cool, retro feel with its laid back riding position and swept back 50s-style handlebars. It may look old school but the Specialized Expedition Sport is a […]

Plymouth named UK’s most bike-friendly city

Plymouth has been named as the UK’s ‘most bike-friendly location’. The city topped a nationwide study of cycle routes and bike repair services, carried out on behalf of Virgin Money. The research also looked at the number of cycling accidents in each location, as well as the level of bicycle theft. Plymouth’s success was largely […]

5 things you’ll learn cycling to work

We all know there are many good reasons to cycle to work – from saving money and getting fit, to losing weight and reducing your carbon footprint – but riding your bicycle to work will also help you learn a few other useful things. Here’s our top five – feel free to add your own […]

Cycling danger – myth or reality?

Times’ cycle safety campaign puts danger centre stage In the wake of the Times’ Cities Safe for Cycling campaign, there has been little filling the newspapers and bouncing around the corridors of social media than talk of cycling danger. Rather than encourage more people to get out on their bikes – presumably one of the […]