Cycling shoes

Wet socks after cycling to workYour feet can get surprisingly wet when cycling, with the combination of rain from above and spray off the tarmac.

This can get really uncomfortable, and your feet also have a tendency to get cold

So keeping your feet dry is central to a comfortable cycle to work.

Spare pair of shoes

One solution, used by many riders, is to have a pair of shoes specifically for cycling and carry a spare pair in your bag.

This is fine if you have somewhere to leave your cycling shoes to dry out at work.

It also means you can get a pair of specially designed cycling shoes that may help make your ride easier.


These lightweight waterproof covers which pull on over your shoes are perhaps the best solution for keep your feet dry.

Although not 100% effective – as water usually makes its way in running down your leg eventually – overshoes will keep you feet dry in all but the heaviest rain, and will also keep them warm.

Clip in cycling shoes

If you are a on a really long commute then clip in cycling shoes might be a good choice for you. Clip in shoes allow you to transfer energy from your legs on the upstroke as well as the down stroke thus making your cycling more efficient. For most people however clip in shoes are a bit over the top especially for a short commute to work. If you opt for clip ins you will also need to get special peddles that allow you to clip the show in. You can now get peddles that allow both with a clip on one side and flat on the other.

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