Best cycle courier / messenger bag options

Cycle courierThese are the crescent shaped bags that you see across the backs of cycle couriers, riding around big cities.

They use a large strap across the chest to hold the bag, and a small strap that goes under the other arm to stop the bag slipping. The load is spread evenly across your back.

Best for… short commutes, with a couple of stops at the shops on the way

Advantages of courier bags

  • Get things in and out quickly
  • Keeps bike manourverable
  • Cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Carry off the bike

These have all the advantages you would imagine a courier might require. You  can jump on and off your bike with it on your back. It’s fast to get things in and out.

The unique fastenings these bags use mean that the  weight is held tightly to your back, and is unable to slip, so you can ride with confidence through the streets.

They are a relatively cheap option and are easy to store as they fold up nice and small.

Disadvantages of courier Bags

  • Tiring and uncomfortable over long distances
  • Make you sweat
  • Not suited to big loads
  • Not waterproof

Like any bag carried on your back, they can be tiring and uncomfortable over long distances. Also, with the bag flush to your back, they can also make you sweat quite a lot.

They can only carry as much as you can fit on your back, so may not be able to pack everything you need. Not all, especially budget models, are fully waterproof.

Features to look out for in a messenger bag

  • Decent waterproofing
  • Breathability

It’s important to get a bag that will keep your things dry but will also allow you to breath, so when the sun is shining you don’t get too sweaty.


Other bike carrying options…

Cycle pannier

Rack bag

Bike basket

Other options?   Please let us know below how you carry your stuff to work by commenting below or emailing [email protected]

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