Boardman Bikes

Boardman Bikes, founded in 2007 by the Olympic gold medalist and world record-holding cyclist Chris Boardman, has quickly established itself as one of the premier bike brands, especially in the UK.

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Known for their commitment to innovation, high quality, and affordability, they have garnered a reputation that appeals to both casual riders and competitive cyclists.


Chris Boardman’s foray into cycling manufacturing was a natural progression from his illustrious career as a cyclist. Having won numerous accolades and broken several world records, Boardman’s understanding of what makes a great bike set the foundation for his company.

The brand quickly became synonymous with quality, with many of its models receiving accolades from cycling magazines and experts. This was in part due to the brand’s unique combination of high-quality specifications at relatively affordable prices.

Design & Technology

Boardman Bikes places a significant emphasis on research and development. Their bikes are known to be the result of meticulous design and testing, often leveraging wind-tunnel technology to optimise aerodynamics. Some of the key features that have set Boardman Bikes apart include:

Aerodynamic Frames

riders on boardman bikes

Especially in their performance ranges, the frames are designed for minimal air resistance.

Carbon Frames

Many Boardman bikes feature carbon frames, which are lightweight yet sturdy. This makes them ideal for racers as well as everyday riders.

Integrated Systems

From integrated brakes to sleek cable routing, Boardman bikes often showcase a harmonious integration of components for both aesthetics and functionality.

Product Range

Boardman Bikes has a diverse range of bicycles, catering to various cycling needs:

Road Bikes

Designed for speed and efficiency on tarmac. Popular models include the SLR and the AIR series.

Mountain Bikes

mountain biker silhouette

Robust and rugged for off-road terrains. Models such as the MTR and MXR have been fan favorites.

Hybrid Bikes

A versatile option suitable for both urban commuting and light off-road usage.

Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes

Specialised bikes designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Women’s Bikes

Specifically designed with female riders in mind, ensuring comfort and performance.

Success & Recognition

Beyond the commercial success, Boardman Bikes has been recognized multiple times in the industry for its excellence. The brand has won several awards for its designs and innovations.

Moreover, it has been the choice of many elite athletes, further cementing its position in the competitive market.

Challenges & Criticisms

right painted on road

Like any brand, Boardman Bikes has faced challenges. Some purists believe that the brand is too commercial, prioritising affordability over uncompromised performance.

There have also been isolated reports of manufacturing defects, though such issues have been rare and often promptly addressed by the company’s customer service.


Boardman Bikes, with its rich heritage rooted in Chris Boardman’s own cycling journey, has been an influential brand in the world of cycling. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability has garnered them a loyal customer base and respect in the cycling community.

Whether one is a casual rider or a professional athlete, Boardman Bikes offers products that cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.