• Peugeot release new hybrid electric bike

    Peugeot release new hybrid electric bike

    Commuting by bicycle is getting more and more popular by the day. This upward trend is the most pronounced in our cities where a large section of commuters are time poor, cash sensitive and body conscious. The bike offers a […]

  • How to cycle to work – and not look ridiculous

    How to cycle to work – and not look ridiculous

    1. Avoid Lycra at all costs Whatever patter they give you at the bike shop about ‘performance fabrics’ or the amazing comfort difference that you’ll notice – don’t believe it. If you were Sir Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton, the […]

  • Best hybrid bikes £300 and under

    Best hybrid bikes £300 and under

    If you are just going to own one bike – then we highly recommend a hybrid. They are the do anything machine – best for most cycle rides to work. One of the most popular hybrid bikes on the market […]

  • Plymouth named UK’s most bike-friendly city

    Plymouth named UK’s most bike-friendly city

    Plymouth has been named as the UK’s ‘most bike-friendly location’. The city topped a nationwide study of cycle routes and bike repair services, carried out on behalf of Virgin Money. The research also looked at the number of cycling accidents […]

  • 5 things you’ll learn cycling to work

    5 things you’ll learn cycling to work

    We all know there are many good reasons to cycle to work – from saving money and getting fit, to losing weight and reducing your carbon footprint – but riding your bicycle to work will also help you learn a […]


Best Commuter Bikes

RideIn.co.uk is an online resource set up for you to get the best out of your cycle to work and choose the right bicycle and equipment. Bike reviews cycle to work guides and all the information you need to get commuting by bicycle. Everyone has different requirements for their commute to work. Your best commuter bike might be a racer or a hybrid based primarily on what kind of terrain you are on. Smooth city roads are not always easy to come buy. Some of the major city's In the UK such as London require a bike that can hop on and off pavements weave through traffic and be able to get a good performance flat out in a straight line.

From mountain bike reviews to road bike reviews we at ride-in cover the complete range bicycle types so you can make an informed choice and find the best cycle to work bike. Reviews of all the latest commuter bikes as well as cycle accessories for traveling to work on two wheels. We also review commuter bicycles in different price brackets such as our best bikes under £300 review. Our aim is for you to find the best commuter bicycle for your needs from the frame size, body position, bike weight through to quality and price range. We also keep up to date on the latest commuter bike sales and post any relevant cycle vouchers and discounts. Read through our advice, if you can't find your ideal bike or are still unsure feel free to drop us a line by email on contact@ridein.co.uk.

Read our cycling gear and bike reviews across a range of road and city bikes to get the best commuter bike and cycle gear for your needs. Use our cycling to work guides to understand how the scheme works, find out how much money you can save and see how you can improve your health too!


Cycling to work

Ride in is focused on cycling to work in 2013 and beyond. Use our guide to see how the cycle to work schemes operate and the best bike to work scheme for you. Ride to work and save money by taking advantage of the HMRC tax relief through the government cycle scheme . Find out how the scheme works and how much you can save by buying through shops opted into the scheme. If you are on a tight budget then getting on board with the cycle scheme could really help you get commuting by bike. With the tough economic climate in 2013 there has never been a better time to get on your bicycle as an affordable and healthy way of commuting to and from work. We give you cycle to work tips so you can work out the right routes and get other advice on what to consider on your cycle commute. We are obviously big cycle to work advocates and encourage people to get on their bikes and if you are already cycling to work ways of improving your cycle commute. It can have life changing effects on your health by losing weight and saving money at the same time. However we also are well aware of the dangers for the person who commutes to work. Read through our safety advice and how to handle yourself on the road.

Best commuter bike gear

Getting the right gear for your cycle to work is essential to enjoying a safe and comfortable bike to work. We review all the gear from cycle jackets to keep the rain off to bike lights to ensure you are safe and seen on the roads. Getting the best cycle lights is essential in staying safe especially on unlit roads which are commonplace around the UK. If you are on a budget it is unwise to think of these as an unnecessary cost, they could save your life when you are out on the road! Cut the cost of your cycle lights by considering self power generating lights that use a dynamo. Quit worrying about 'helmet hair' and understand the safety benefits of wearing a bicycle helmet on your everyday commute. We look at all the cycling latest brands and retailers such as Halfords Wiggle etc to help you understand what the essentials are for your commute. We also understand that not everyone has the same budget so we look at value for money and affordability against the quality of cycling equipment. Weighing up the pros and cons to get the rider the best for his or her money. Use our reviews and guides to work out the best bike kit for you.