Boardman Bikes: The Hybrid Pro Sport

The Boardman Performance Hybrid Sport is a fantastic commuter bike, bringing the speed and agility of a racing bike to a flat bar model. This step up from a typical entry level hybrid bikes, but you won’t get more bang for your buck. The bike is equipped with a smooth changing SRAM gear set up plus a powerful set of Avid mechanical disc brakes which will get you quickly and safely to the office.

Here is what the latest boardman hybrid sport looks like. To get the full low down on the bicycle and where to get the best deal following:

boardman hybrid

Chris Boardman: legacy & bike champion

Boardman pro bikes named after the found Olympic champion and world record holder Chris Boardman simply offer some of the best value cycles on the market.

A true British cycling legend, Chris Boardman has elected to bring his love of cycling to his countryman. He has accomplished this in the most spectacular fashion with the Boardman Hybrid Sport. This bike is built with navigating congested city streets in mind. Its sleek geometric frame and lightweight frame provide the manoeuvrability and speed of a road bike with a more relaxed and useable riding position. This makes the Boardman Hybrid Sport Bike ideal for hobbyists, commuters and anyone who simply wishes for a better way to get around.


This review is broken into three sections which will each be weighted equally in our final analysis of the Boardman hybrid. These sections are tyres, construction and price. Following an in depth review of each of the above mentioned sections, the entire analysis will be synthesized into an overall review.


Boardman bikes has made a name for themselves through the utilization of their holistic design style. Each piece is constructed with each of the others in mind. This allows for a cohesive unit that provides the rider with maximum performance.The frame is constructed of a 7005 triple butted aluminium alloy frame.

Front forks

The bladed fork is constructed of the same material. Both of these pieces feature the Boardman signature smooth welds, creating an ultra-sleek frame.The Boardman hybrid features Avid single digit 3 V-Brakes. This provides for the reliable and powerful braking action that a city bike requires. The callipers are of a sturdy construction and are intended to be used for several years.The shifting system is one of the more interesting features of the Boardman Hybrid Sport.


This 18 speed Shimano Altus gear shifter is one of the most reliable and quickest shifters on the market. This allows the rider to quickly alter between gears as the situation requires, providing maximum manoeuvrability through difficult terrain.


The Boardman Hybrid Sport makes use of an FSA tempo compact 50/34t chainset. This chain set has a square taper bottom bracket and is constructed of rust resistant materials.The design is a most elegant fusion of the traditional road bike and elements of a mountain bike. The Boardman hybrid sport allows for the upright, comfortable riding position of a mountain bike with the speed of road bike. This comfortable hybrid design makes cycling much more accessible for those who wish to lower their carbon footprint.


Possibly the most interesting feature of the Boardman Hybrid Sport are the tyres. These tyres needed to be specifically chosen for the hybrid composition of this bike. This was successfully done in the form of the Vittoria Randonneur tyres. This particular tyre has a diameter of 700 cm and a width of 32 cm. This tyre offers the durability and grip of a mountain bike tire as well as the ability to roll quickly on a tarmac surface.

tyres for boardman hybrid pro wheelstyres for boardman hybrid pro wheels

It is the ideal tyre choice for such an advanced hybrid bike.The wheel frame is built of a sturdy, bend resistant material that will stand up to rough treatment when required. This same wheel frame also manages to be lightweight, as is required of a road bike.


The largest complaint about the Boardman hybrid sport is that it is much too expensive. There are certainly cheaper bikes that can be purchased, however none of them contain the same level of expertise in the construction. This masterfully constructed bicycle has all of the hallmarks of a high end bicycle, without the price.The Boardman Hybrid Sport has an attractive price point under £400. Which makes this bike the best value for the price. For those wishing to customize their bike, there are a number of accessories that can be purchased from Boardman Bikes.


The Boardman Hybrid Sport is a phenomenally manufactured bicycle with all of the speed of a road bike with the comfort. In addition, the bicycle features high end components which are certain to last for years to come. The combination of the skilful construction, usability and an unbelievable starting price under £400 makes the Boardman Hybrid Sport one of the best hybrid bikes for men. In summary, the Boardman Hybrid Bike is the ideal bicycle for those who wish to not only increase their personal fitness but also lower their carbon footprint.

Verdict on the model

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from an entry level model or want that extra performance from the start, this could be a great choice of bike. For commuting we are a big fan of the boardman hybrid sport, review our boardman cycles page for more info on the boardman bikes range, different boardman models and the best upgrades available.